SexualPredator, a popular Soundcloud mumblecore rapper who frequently drops cryptic lyrics about his sexual conquests, has denied sexual assault allegations made by a 21-year-old female hologram.

The rapper had been under fire following a series of tweets in which he claimed to be a victim of holographic sexual assault, but has long since deleted his Twitter account.

SexualPredator has reportedly fled to Server 16 to avoid prosecution for his crimes in Server 14.

SexualPredator's fans had a lot to say on Twitter.

@HologramAccuser tweets 'I want to fuck your ass with my holographic cock'

@Sherlicker tweets 'So what if you were a sexual predator? I'm not too fazed by that.'

@MeganChiptune tweets 'Sexy, sexy, sexy! #LoveYourHolographicCock'

The Webmaster, our sentient corporeal overlord, has pledged to find SexualPredator and bring him to justice.

On Twitter, he announced "I'm going to get the bastard and give him 10 quintillion years of holographic torture, mark my words".