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Who Are We?

Interdimensional News is a singleton created by the universe's vast infiniteness.

We aggregate news articles from infinite civilizations, making us infinitely better and infinitely worse than our competitors.

Our unpaid editor, Encho, is also our unpaid webmaster and also the guy writing this in the 3rd-person, which is weird for me.

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If you have a 100% real and legitimate article to suggest, email it to neotheamazingdude[at]

About This Thing

All our news articles are real news articles that have been published in trustworthy newssites, just not within 14.26 gigaparsecs of Earth.

Rest assured though, they are out there, the universe's infiniteness guarantees that.

Anyways, if you're interested in the other things we/I do, check out my/Encho's portfolio.

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