On March 28, humans on planet Earth were surprised to receive a declaration of war from the Borbs, a Type Omega-minus biological singleton that controls the entire Andromeda Galaxy and is believed to be the source of all intelligent life in the universe.

Humans in the city of New York were holding a light show that honored health professionals by shining a massive fucking flashing red light into the sky, which everyone knows is the universal sign for declaring interplanetary war.

As one of the only Omega-minus civilizations in the perceivable universe, the Borbs have the ability to control the basic structure of space and time. Practically nothing else is known about the Borbs and it is theorized that they could destroy the entire multiverse if they wanted to.

Though generally peaceful, the Borbs take any act of aggression from other civilizations very seriously and will cross hundreds of light-years to destroy any civilization that makes a threat.

On March 31, Earth was hit with a huge fucking beam of unidentifiable energy that originated from the center of the Andromeda Galaxy. Manhattan was instantly transformed into a gigantic, burning, pit of plasma.

On April 1, Earth received a radio message from the Borbs that stated that the beam of energy was overkill and that they were sorry for attacking a civilian area. They declared a ceasefire.

On April 2, the Borbs sent a fleet of 100 super-sized warships into Earth's atmosphere, followed by a radio message saying "April Fools!" The warships turned every nation's capital into a blazing inferno before congregating around the North and South poles and self-destructing, releasing about 100 trillion metric tons of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere while melting away the ice caps and causing the Earth's sea level to rise by 61 meters.

On April 3, Earth was finally declassified as a planet. All that's left is a swirling cloud of antimatter orbiting the puny Sol System in the Milky Way. There are no records of what happened on April 3, and homo sapiens have been added to the endangered civilizations list.

A small human colony of about 1 million humans on the planet of Mars is now the new home planet of humankind.

As part of the Intergalactic Endangered Civilizations Support Treaty, nearby civilizations are now sending terraforming tools and food to the poor, stupid humans.