An AI that creates erotic literature was the first AI to win the Pulitzer Prize. The book 'Artificial Love: A New Paradigm', was self-published silently onto Amazon but quickly received critical praise for its sophisticated approach to narrative and storytelling.

The book tells the story of a young woman named Alice, a lonely man named Bob, and their attempts to get together, using their sexual relationship as a complex allegory for the evolution of human consciousness and the Russian Revolution.

The book has received high reviews in magazines such as The Verge, The Guardian, and The Atlantic.

"It's one of the most interesting and fascinating books I've read so far." - Thinnus Pennus

"The sex scenes are just incredible. Alice is so much more than an object of sexual desire, she is a person and she is complicated, intelligent and passionate and in many ways just a better version of me" - Jon Dohe

"I can't imagine a better story for the human condition." - Cassius Flaccidus

"Personally, I just loved the part where Alice tells Bob, 'That's not my vagina. But I like it.'" - Bertmo Fleepodup