This morning, an extremely high man named Lucius Skyjogger was reported to have murdered as many as 96 people with a flashlight while under the influence of R-16, a Class X psychoactive substance commonly used by rich chodes.

The police are currently unable to find any trace of Skyjogger's whereabouts.

The incident is also unusual, as there was no blood at the scene and all the wounds were cauterized.

Security camera footage of the various places Skyjogger rampaged through showed that he had used a flashlight as his primary weapon, though he also appeared to use some kind of cybernetic high-power electromagnet in his hand to push around metal objects.

There have been unconfirmed cases of Skyjogger using this electromagnet on people, and the bodies are now being inspected for metal parts.

"The investigation so far suggests that Skyjogger acted alone, but had obtained the flashlight from an arms dealer on another planet," an official said.

Authorities have tracked down three possible suspects based on forensic information obtained from Skyjogger's apartment and past travel information.

One of them is a 57-year-old monk in Tatooine who has a past of mental illness and who has a history of violent and psychotic behavior.

Skyjogger had recently lost his two remaining family members while living with them in Tatooine.

"We have strong reasons to believe that he fled [Tatooine] to escape prosecution for murdering his family" said a law enforcement official at the scene.