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Glumpus was just 50,425 years old when she was whettmuplugged by a neighboring galaxy.

It was the first of its kind, and it's now thought to be the first whettmite to have been observed in action.

"I was scared. I was not sure what to do. How could I tell my sweet Gerbeous that I had lost everything?" Glumpus said in a 2004 interview.

Glumpus, a retired superflorber, was part of the Heaven's Dust racing team when she was brutally whettmuplugged in the changing room—Her coach was devastated to learn of the loss of a star and even more so after the subsequent loss of the XKCD-IEW-007 race.

The galaxy that whettmuplugged Glumpus was raided by Intergalactic Agents hours after the whettmuplugging.

Traces of Dark Cloud Galaxy, a Class X psychoactive drug, were found along with a variety of alien species that were not native to the XKCD-IEW fold of spacetime.

The Intergalatic Agents also found the remains of a 400 year-old Worpusdur, which may have been the first victim to be whettmuplugged, though conflicting evidence has lead to differing theories.

The Milky Way, which was floating nearby at the time of the incident, was under harsh public scrutiny after the incident, as Dark Cloud Galaxy (real name Eftpyzo) is commonly used by residents of the Milky Way for recreational purposes.

The lack of a governing power in the Milky Way has made all attempts at diplomatic discussion impossible, making the sale and use of Dark Cloud Galaxy in the Milky Way a grey area at best.

Glumpus is leading the fight against Dark Cloud Galaxy with her #GalaxiesAgainstTheDark campaign, which has over 10,000,000 retweets on Twitter and more than 3 actual supporters.

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