Gravity, the fourth fundamental force, made a controversial tweet this morning which read, "I am not like the other girls".

Many of her followers were outraged, and the Twitter shitstorm began.

KoonkyPenis69 replied, "@Gravity This twisted view of reality is toxic and damaging to the mental health of your fanbase. Unfollowed & reported & swatted."

However, members of the physics community and Elon Musk quickly chimed in.

Neil DeGrass Tyson tweeted, "3 of the 4 forces of nature (electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force) are caused by quantum particles. Gravity isn't. We have yet to figure out what causes Gravity."

Elon Musk also chimed in, "einstein said that gravity happens because things move along curves of the space-time continuum. @Gravity is curvy af lmao yeet"

Bill Nye was quick to reply to Elon Musk, who had single-handedly split the discussion in half, "Lmao general relativity is peepee poopoo. singularities in the curvature of space, points where time becomes infinite, that's where general relativity breaks down. are you telling me you still believe in that peepee poopoo lmao yeet f"

Neil DeGrass Tyson clapped back, "@billnye general relativity correctly describs the behaivuir of Gravity to nearly 30 orders of magnitude. it is precise subatomically and cosmologically. git ur facts right biooootch"

Gravity then deleted her tweet and pushed Earth into a singularity.