Fans attending a Yorpwert game between the Köln-Ne ukölln and the Freiburg-Rücks were shocked when the game went awry.

While his team was playing the fifth inning, Buxus Gorphoof walked onto the field from the dugout to pick up a penny he saw in the grass and was hit by a fissioning Yorpwert traveling at Mach 3.

He was taken off the field by paramedics and rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Buxus suffered a fractured right fibula and was seen walking with a limp when he was seen by himself at a McDonalds a few days later.

Yorpwert injuries, usually deadly due to the Yorpwert's radioactivity rather than the intense speeds of the Yorpwert, are rarely recovered from and are lifelong impairments.

Buxus's fans remain determined, however, and hope he'll recover within a few weeks.